For businesses - Delivering customized Employee Group Health Care Plans and Group Retirement Solutions to nurture cultures and make employee benefits relevant and meaningful for every one

For ALLIANCE members - Exclusive discounts for Employee Group Health and Dental Insurance programs

For individuals - Individual Health & Dental Care Insurance, customized Life Insurance Solutions and Investment Program for all stages of life to ensure individuals and families are protected today, retirements are comfortable and legacies are secured through insurance for the next generation

Group Health & Dental Care Insurance and Group Retirement Plans

Building custom group health care benefits and group retirement programs designed to attract and retain top talent to run businesses.

Individual Health Care & Dental Care Insurance

Preferred program in Health and Dental Care insurance for Individuals and Families. Coverage for those who are self-employed or for those who no longer have group benefits. Easy to obtain by just applying on this web site or contacting us.  

Life Insurance

Customized life insurance solutions to protect your families, loved ones and businesses.

Retirement & Wealth Management

Retirement and wealth strategies to protect and build for the future you envision.

Tax and Estate Planning

Planning to ensure your legacy is secured.

Health & Dental Insurance Plans For Individuals

Four different Health Care & Dental Care Insurance Plans to choose from for Smart Financial Ltd. customers

In the Winter 2018 edition:

Making a decision that can safeguard your family’s lifestyle is a great feeling.

Not only that, there are a range of innovative solutions that help keep you motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices.